Warranties are very important on a new roof. Many of our roofs come with LIFETIME warranties. That means that you will never have to pay for a new roof again! We want you to read this page fully before you call us for an estimate. We also carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy. This means that if you hire us to do your roof and anything happens to your house during, or after construction caused by us. You won't have to pay a penny.

A lot of roofing companies offer some of the same products as we do. They shop at some of the same suppliers as we do too. So what makes us different that any of the other roofing companies out there? VALUE. A lot of the money that you spend on your new roof is for the shingle manufacturer to warranty the shingles for the specified amount of time. Most of our roofs come with a LIFETIME warranty. Some of theirs do too. However, in today's tough, competitive economy in Michigan, a lot of roofing companies have turned to undercutting other companies on price just to get the job. Every customer wants the cheapest price right? That is perfectly understandable. A roof is not something that you can buy at the dollar store though. The thing that needs to be kept in mind is VALUE. Value means that you get something significant for the dollars that you spend. We could always be the lowest price out there if we wanted to, but we offer the best value out there. The Roof Doctor is a fully licensed and insured contractor too. Our License number is located at the bottom of every page on this site. So you get the same and in so many ways better piece of mind as you would getting your roof from one of the big, expensive companies, without the big price tag. For legal reasons, I cannot name the competitor, but we recently beat one of the big companies price on a new roof by 50%!!! We saved the homeowner over $5,000 by using us instead of a popular, big company!

A lot of smaller roofing companies have turned to the policy of trying to beat everyone else's price to get jobs. That is the only way that they can get the work. As the consumer, you give things up for that price. In order to give you that price, those companies have to make up the difference somewhere, right? Where do you think they make it up from? Material and labor. They use cheaper roofing materials and try to spend less on labor by getting the job done as quick as possible so that they can still make money on the price that they gave you. This, in many cases, means that your warranty may not even be honored by the manufacturer.

There are certain criteria that need to be met in order for the shingle manufacturer to honor the warranty. Things that cost money. If these cut rate roofing companies did all of these things, they would not be able to offer you that price that they did, or they wouldn't make any money. Which one do you think is more likely? ALL of our roofing installations meet manufacturer warranty requirements. That means that if you use The Roof Doctor for your new roof, your roof will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty and by us!

At The Roof Doctor we just want you to be aware of what you pay for and what you are getting for it. VALUE. Something to consider when shopping for a new roof. At The Roof Doctor, we offer to beat competitor's prices too. There are limitations to how far we are willing to go though. We will only beat a price from a reputable company and only if they are offering you the same thing that we are. A real roof that meets all of the manufacturer's specifications for the warranty. Why pay for a warranty that you can't use, right? In most cases, however, we don't need to beat the competition's price. We offer a lower price to begin with. The Roof Doctor warranties our craftsmanship for 5 years on top of the manufacturer warranty. Anything that may not be covered under your roof's warranty for the first 5 years, we will guarantee ourselves. Once again, that is called value! Call us for a FREE estimate !