Services- Serving Ferndale, MI & The Surrounding Communities

Services- Serving Ferndale, MI & The Surrounding Communities

The Roof Doctor also offers many other residential construction services. These services include:

- Insurance repair work, often with no deductible!
- Seamless Gutters
- Gutter Protection Systems
- Roof Mold, Algae & Stain Removal & Prevention Systems
- Skylights & Ventilation Systems
- Vinyl Siding
- Doors & Windows
- Chimney Repair
- Aluminum Trim
- Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal -We Work Year Round!
- More!

New Roof Doctor service

Roof mold, algae & stain removal and prevention systems. These can be not only unpleasant to look at, but if allowed to progress past a certain point, can become a threat to the health and durability of your roof. The Roof Doctor now offers removal of these problems and installation of zinc stripping to prevent future unsightly problems. This can be done for very little cost in most cases. Products and services start at just a few hundred dollars. Insignificant when compared to the investment of a new roof. If interested in a yearly maintenance program instead, service can be done for about $199 a year! Call (248) 632-6332 today for a FREE evaluation and estimate! The Roof Doctor, Making Roofs Better!

Seamless Gutters

All of our gutter systems are seamless. Older gutters were done in 10ft sections, creating seams every 10ft or less. Anytime that you have a seam on your gutters, that is an opportunity for leaks to occur. That is why all of our gutters are seamless. We also only use quality gutters materials. Vinyl is a good material for your home's siding, but not for a good gutter system. We install and replace old gutters with seamless aluminum as a standard system using hidden hangers for a much better look that lasts a lot longer than gutter spikes or shank screws. Upgrades to copper are also available. Copper gutters add a significant curb appeal to your home and really stand out. Ask about a copper upgrade!

We offer rooftop snow & ice removal services in the winter time. We all know that Michigan winters can be harsh at times. In recent years, we have had fairly light winters in terms of snow. Sometimes it is necessary to remove heavy amounts of snow and ice from your roof in order to prevent serious damage to your home. Your home's structure can only hold so much weight. The existing roofing materials already weigh thousands of pounds. Add a foot or more of snow and ice, and it can get to be too much. Too much of a load on your home's framework can cause a collapse and there is no limit to what the damage could be. That is why we offer these services. Usually this can be done relatively cheap. In most cases just a few hundred dollars. A great investment when not getting it done could cost you your home.