Actual Roof Doctor job photos!

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Some updated jobs! This is The Roof Doctor's Gallery. These are pictures of actual completed jobs. We post these regularly so that you can see some of our work. Everyone wants to know what it is that they are buying, right? That is even more important when it comes to a major purchase such as your home's roof. We hope that you like what you see and will continue to add pics as time goes on. Stay tuned for more, as they will be coming. Obviously, not all of our jobs are in the gallery. We pick and choose which ones go into the gallery and try to offer a wide variety of different kinds of jobs. There are some bigger, more difficult jobs. There are some smaller, simpler jobs. There are even some small repair and garage jobs. There is even an after shot and a during construction shot. Each of these jobs is uniquely different from the others in the Roofing Gallery. We do this for a reason. We want people to be able to see that we have done the kind of job that they are looking to have done. Many people need different things. Some have large houses with steep pitches and very detailed looks. Some just need their garage done. Some have a smaller house that is a little simpler and basic. Some people don't even need a whole roof. They just want a part of their roof done because most of the roof is fine, but part of the roof needs work. So we try to keep a wide variety of photos available for you to see that we can do the job that you need done.